GBMP Lean Training DVD: Toast Kaizen – Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Preview

This is the TOAST Video you’ve heard about. The #1 selling Lean training tool in the world is the Perfect introduction to Continuous Improvement. Buy a copy of the DVD at or get it asap, streaming, at

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Narrated by and featuring Bruce Hamilton, Shingo Prize Recipient and GBMP President, this 27-minute video highlights the seven deadly wastes found in both administrative offices and in manufacturing processes. In this training tool, the process of making toast is used to represent the before condition and the target condition of a manufacturing or transaction-based process and helps your people to identify with the process of Kaizen(small and continuous improvements). Whether you are already on the Continuous Improvement journey or you are just beginning to realize the power of continuous improvement implementation, this video is an essential learning tool for your entire workforce.

Methods of Quality Assurance

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