GA 360 | The Importance of Being Intentional with Brandon Bartel

This episode features Brandon Bartel. Ron and Brandon discussed setting intentions and the role intention plays. Brandon also shared his aspirations to incorporate more Toyota Kata into his lean journey.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Brandon (2:33)
• Brandon’s background (3:11)
• What Respect for People means to Brandon (6:21)
• Defining intention (7:46)
• The role intention plays (10:55)
• Examples of getting it right and wrong (15:41)
• Brandon’s advice (17:21)
• The best advice Brandon has ever received (20:48)
• What Brandon would say to his younger self (18:58)
• A skill Brandon wants to improve (21:54)
• Brandon’s final words of wisdom (26:23)

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