GA 358 | Lean in Higher Education with Thomas Lencki and Dagmar Vlahos

This week’s guests are Thomas Lencki and Dagmar Vlahos. They explained all the powerful ways they use lean in higher education in New Hampshire. Thomas and Dagmar also touched on increasing engagement, navigating Covid-era challenges, and more.

Check out the full episode page here:

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quotes that inspire them (3:47)
• Their backgrounds (5:57)
• Lean in higher education in New Hampshire (12:02)
• How lean is being applied (18:40)
• How Covid-19 has changed lean in higher education (23:59)
• Keeping engagement high (30:49)
• What a perfect day looks like (40:08)
• Their final words of wisdom (48:32)

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