GA 357 | Revisiting The Toyota Way with Jeff Liker

This episode features Dr. Jeffrey Liker. Jeff explained why he released a second edition of his bestselling book, The Toyota Way. Jeff and Ron also discussed scientific thinking and its relationship to other lean tools like 5S, Hoshin Kanri, and more.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• Jeff’s background (4:17)
• Why Jeff wrote the second edition (12:59)
• The structure of the 4P model (18:54)
• Whether or not you should start with the first edition (23:07)
• Why Japanese culture lends itself to scientific thinking (24:37)
• Learning scientific thinking (27:34)
• An anecdote about deliberate practice (33:19)
• The relationship between 5S and scientific thinking (39:09)
• Why Jeff added Hoshin Kanri to the second edition (45:30)

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