GA 356 | How Standards Prevent Turnover with Jason Haines

This episode features Jason Haines. Ron and Jason discussed the importance of having a visual workplace, and how it, along with standard work, can actually help you retain employees.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Jason (2:38)
• Jason’s background (3:14)
• The definition of standard work (5:12)
• How people are doing (6:34)
• How a lack of standard work leads to turnover (8:59)
• Jason’s experience with TWI (10:15)
• Why you should start with standardization (14:16)
• A success story (15:54)
• Combating skepticism (20:07)
• Tying in other tools (22:29)
• About muri and mura (25:20)

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