GA 355 | The Relationship Between Machines and Humans with Prasad Akella

This episode features Prasad Akella. Prasad shared his take on the relationship between machine intelligence and human intelligence, and how they can work together in harmony. Prasad also stressed the importance of data and data literacy.

Check out the full episode page here:

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Prasad (2:06)
• Prasad’s background (3:01)
• The relationship between humans and automation (7:13)
• How factories will look in ten years (10:52)
• The capabilities of today’s machines (14:13)
• Why automation is not the only path to efficiency (16:30)
• Data literacy as a key skill for future generations (20:27)
• What Prasad is seeing as far as companies practicing lean (24:37)
• Prasad’s final words of wisdom (30:30)

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