GA 353 | Creating the Jeep with Paul Bruno

This episode features Paul Bruno. Paul doesn’t have a traditional lean background, but the fascinating research he shared on the story behind the creation of the Jeep is full of lean parallels and lessons.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• A quote that Paul likes (4:10)
• Paul’s background and what he’s up to these days (6:11)
• The army’s Jeep procurement process (10:15)
• How long the process took (12:21)
• The quality of the first Jeep (15:10)
• About the Go Devil engine (17:47)
• The current and past states of Jeep (25:55)
• Paul’s take on the Jeep journey overall (27:30)
• What we can learn from the Jeep story (29:45)
• About Paul’s books (35:45)

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