GA 348 | Communicating Respect in Lean with Tejas Munot

This week’s guest is Tejas Munot. Tejas shared what he learned during his time at VIBCO Vibrators, the importance of respect, and more. Tejas also interviewed Ron about HIS lean journey thus far.

Check out the full episode page here:

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Tejas (2:53)
• Tejas’ background (3:56)
• The lean lessons he’s learned (6:49)
• Asking versus requesting (8:50)
• A story about Karl, CEO of VIBCO Vibrators (9:51)
• The process for kaizen events (10:57)
• His camera strategy (14:49)
• What Ron wish he had known earlier in his career (17:12)
• What Ron learned from Jon Miller (21:22)
• A story about Ron’s Master Black Belt (29:04)
• What the future of lean looks like (32:50)
• Teja’s overall experience with lean (35:27)

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