GA 347 | Leveraging Deliberate Practice with Billy Taylor

This episode features Billy Taylor. Formerly the Director of Manufacturing at Goodyear, Billy has an impressive amount of lean knowledge. From the value of diversity, to performance maps, to deliberate practice, you won’t want to miss this one.

Check out the full episode page here:

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• Billy’s favorite quote (4:01)
• Billy’s background (4:39)
• A story about the Fayetteville plant (9:30)
• Why Billy decided to start LinkedXL (12:11)
• What makes LinkedXL’s approach different (14:48)
• The gap Billy has identified (17:09)
• Billy’s advice for lower level lean practitioners (20:15)
• Key methods for creating performance maps (24:23)
• The value of diversity (26:18)
• Measuring non-quantifiable attributes (29:55)
• How the team ran the live stream using deliberate practice (33:47)
• Some examples of deliberate practice (37:54)

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