GA 346 | Navigating the Gemba with Jay Hodge

This episode features Jay Hodge. Ron and Jay discussed the confusion around the word gemba and how gemba relates to kaizen. Jay has worked at GM, Toyota, and Caterpillar, to name a few, so he shared what it’s like to make these transitions.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Jay (2:38)
• Jay’s background (3:19)
• Confusion around the gemba (5:01)
• Examples of kaizen and gemba (6:17)
• What it was like being at Toyota (9:59)
• What it’s like going to other companies (14:37)
• Effectively using tools to sustain improvements (18:57)
• Factors in creating a culture of excellence (21:47)
• The lean treasure chest (24:16)

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