GA 345 | Hearing for the First Time with Adam Alamade

This episode features Adam Alamade. Adam works for a cochlear implant manufacturer and he described how they use continuous improvement. He and Ron also discussed dealing with resistance, owning problems, developing habits, and more.

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In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quotes that inspire Adam (3:01)
• Adam’s background (5:47)
• What Adam is up to these days (8:17)
• Cochlear implants and hearing for the first time (10:13)
• The work Adam does (11:25)
• An example improvement (12:45)
• Building effective teams (14:38)
• Dealing with resistance (15:30)
• Taking ownership of problems (17:22)
• Developing brand new habits (19:17)
• What has surprised Adam (21:31)
• The tools they use (23:56)
• What Adam is most proud of (28:15)
• Adam’s final words of wisdom (31:43)

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