GA 336 | The Process of Process Improvement with Karen Friedenberg

This episode features Karen Friedenberg. Karen, who has a diverse career background, broke down all the different ways she approaches process improvement. From DMAIC to change management, this episode is full of practical knowledge. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Karen (3:15)
• Karen’s background (3:47)
• How Karen uses DMAIC (6:45)
• How they value stream map (9:04)
• The next steps (10:20)
• The mechanics of the brainstorm (12:06)
• The measure piece (15:22)
• Her favorite analysis approach (16:44)
• Differentiating value-added from non-value added (17:50)
• Starting with the ideal state map (19:35)
• How long it takes to get from mapping activity to mapping activity (21:02)
• About control and execution (22:53)
• How Karen navigates change management and the “people side” (24:35)
• Getting people to want to change (27:15)
• Karen’s advice for getting started (29:56)

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