GA 331 | Leading and Learning at Toyota with Katie Anderson

This episode features Katie Anderson. Ron and Katie discussed Katie’s new book, the roles of a leader,  joy versus happiness, and much more. Katie also shared some special stories about esteemed Toyota leaders like Isao Yoshino and John Shook.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Katie (5:27)
• About Katie’s book (7:54)
• The three roles of a leader (10:49)
• Setting a direction (12:35)
• Providing support (16:42)
• Another story about Mr. Yoshino (17:58)
• Developing yourself as a manager (19:54)
• What it was like working with Mr. Shook (21:48)
• Mr. Toyota’s speech about happiness (23:50)
• The relationship between happiness and joy (27:22)
• Katie’s words of wisdom (21:10)

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