GA 328 | Lean in Hospitality with Aaron Davidson

This episode features Aaron Davidson. Aaron explained how he and his team use lean in the hospitality industry, including some unique examples involving cleaning hotel rooms, gambling, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quotes that inspire Aaron (2:20)
• Aaron’s background (3:05)
• What Aaron worked on in the early days (4:54)
• What lean in hospitality is like (9:17)
• An example of a kaizen event they did (11:38)
• The end result (17:15)
• What “shifting mindsets” means (18:30)
• The role of regulation (21:01)
• The reality of card counting (26:57)
• How kaizen events are run (32:20)
• Aaron’s final words of wisdom (34:59)

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