GA 327 | Continuous Improvement and Humanitarianism with Andrew Parris

This episode features Andrew Parris. Andrew, who works for an NGO called Medair, explained how continuous improvement can be used in a humanitarian context. The global component Andrew discusses proves how versatile these principles truly are.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quote that inspires Andrew (3:26)
• Andrew’s background (5:30)
• Where Andrew was born (12:58)
• What an NGO is (14:03)
• Some of the challenges they face (20:31)
• Why donors are interested in lean (23:01)
• An example of an improvement (28:32)
• Andrew’s opportunities for international training (31:09)
• What it’s like working in other countries (33:39)
• Dealing with violence (35:21)
• The articles Andrew has written (37:45)

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