GA 326 | Lean and Law in the UK with Adam Marsland

This episode features Adam Marsland. Adam, a Continuous Improvement Expert at a law firm, explained how lean is being leveraged in the legal industry in the UK. Adam also gave an overall “state of the union address” on lean in the UK.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• The quotes that inspire Adam (3:47)
• Adam’s background (4:55)
• Why it’s difficult to examine the effect of lean on the legal industry (7:25)
• Adam’s role (9:21)
• Some of the opportunities for improvement in the legal field (10:43)
• What has changed (13:34)
• How lean is being applied (15:51)
• How agile factors in (16:36)
• The state of the union of lean in the UK (19:56)
• Adam’s advice for anyone considering lean (21:44)

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