GA 323 | Pivoting From Furniture to Personal Protective Equipment with Jeff Kaas

This episode features Jeff Kaas. Jeff explained how Kaas Tailored went from making furniture to making PPE in response to COVID-19. Jeff also shared some of the mistakes they’ve made, including reverting to batch production. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• About Kaas Tailored (4:07)
• Their PPE initiatives (6:36)
• Overcoming their fear (8:55)
• What they started with (11:43)
• How the lean mindset helped Jeff and his team (14:58)
• What didn’t work (18:57)
• Why we revert to bad habits (19:55)
• What they’ve learned and what they would do differently (25:57)
• Manufacturing face shields (32:59)
• Their production mix (35:03)
• The true power of lean (37:44)
• About their waste tours (39:41)

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