GA 317 | Implementing Lean at Starbucks with Karen Gaudet

This episode features Karen Gaudet. Before becoming Team Leader of Operations and Personnel at LEI, she worked for Starbucks, and she shared the story of their powerful lean transformation with us.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Karen (3:09)
Karen’s background (4:36)
Defining a leader’s value (7:01)
Leadership and personal growth (7:54)
Standardization and respect for people (9:40)
Navigating change management (13:47)
About the leader led business transformation (15:24)
What inspired Karen’s book Steady Work (18:17)
The relationship between best practices and best thinking (21:11)
Advice for anyone struggling right now (25:18)
What LEI is up to (28:31)

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