GA 316 | Leading During a Crisis with Sam MacPherson

This episode consists of the audio of a webinar by Sam MacPherson. Sam discussed leading and communicating during a crisis, preparing for a crisis, applying SMED in a crisis, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

About Sam (2:10)
Accepting a level of risk (4:14)
A Black Swan event (5:33)
A Grey Rhino event (8:42)
Holding leaders accountable (13:14)
Lean problem solving (15:23)
Using a MECE analysis (16:42)
All about a pace plan (27:59)
How the different colored teams function (31:22)
Using a SMED approach (40:41)
Leading during the crisis (42:47)
When to use and not use email to communicate (46:26)
Avoiding analysis paralysis (49:03)
Creating your war story after the crisis (54:42)
Planning for White Swan events (57:39)
Involving frontline/shop floor employees (58:59)

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