GA 315 | Dealing With Uncertainty with Steve Kane

This episode consists of the audio of a presentation on coaching, leader standard work, and uncertainty by our own Steve Kane. Steve’s advice on uncertainty is particularly relevant to 2020.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The feeling of uncertainty (1:22)
The role of routine (3:13)
What uncertainty leads to (7:01)
How this relates to coaching and leader standard work (9:57)
The Self Journal (14:07)
The role of the coach (18:01)
The value of this model (19:53)
Why you should “remain quiet” (22:22)
Things to think about as we proceed into the unknown (24:04)
Monitoring leader standard work (25:53)
Planning your work, working your plan (28:37)
What Gemba Academy offers (32:15)

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