GA 313 | The Eight Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance with Balaji Chandrasekar

This episode features Balaji Chandrasekar. Ron and Balaji reviewed the pillars of TPM, the challenges involved, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Balaji (3:11)
Balaji’s background (3:55)
About TPM, or Total Productive Maintenance (5:07)
Some of the challenges of implementing TPM (6:45)
How the challenges are unique to TPM (10:03)
What tools they leverage (11:09)
The eight pillars of TPM (12:48)
About OEE (18:20)
Tracking OEE (20:40)
Measuring maturity with TPM (22:16)
Balaji’s final words of wisdom (24:56)

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