GA 311 | The Lean Construction Movement with Hal Macomber

This episode features Hal Macomber. Ron and Hal discussed the lean construction movement, the Last Planner System, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Hal (2:43)
Hal’s background (5:29)
How lean was introduced to construction (9:51)
The Last Planner System (13:57)
Some of the key lean tenets (15:30)
About Gemba Academy’s new building (19:55)
The role of Respect for People (23:29)
Who is driving the change (30:04)
The improvement to safety (31:48)
Some of the challenges they’re facing (35:14)
The future and kaizen (40:37)
Advice for those interested in lean construction (48:23)

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