GA 310 | The Role of Motivation in Continuous Improvement with Brad Miller

This episode features Brad Miller. Ron and Brad discussed how motivation factors into continuous improvement, and a modern motivation framework that could be useful to managers.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

Brad’s background (2:51)
The importance of an academic background (4:34)
His favorite quote (6:05)
The concept of motivation as it relates to continuous improvement (8:46)
Getting to the goal (15:09)
Dealing with uncertainty (16:21)
Where training comes in (18:02)
What people believe about the activity (20:17)
How psychological safety plays into motivation (23:07)
How mastery, autonomy, and purpose fit into Brad’s framework (26:03)
Another example (32:02)
Exposing people to a better world (34:51)

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