GA 302 | Continuous Improvement at Halliburton with Chris Rodriguez

This episode features Chris Rodriguez, Continuous Improvement Lead at Halliburton. Chris described their journey, including some of the lessons they’ve learned.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Chris (2:04)
Chris’s background (2:49)
About Halliburton (3:48)
His experience level when they started (4:19)
Their approach at the beginning (6:17)
Measuring communication (7:58)
How the initiative was received (8:56)
Lessons they learned in the first year (12:49)
Other lessons they learned (13:57)
Screening for influence (15:21)
Ron’s unique interview question (17:31)
What Chris is most proud of (21:37)
His advice (22:53)

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