GA 296 | How Toyota Uses Agile with Nigel Thurlow

This episode features Nigel Thurlow.  At the time of this recording Nigel was Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected. He has since moved on from Toyota Connected.  Nigel explained how Toyota has used agile, and why it’s so important for organizations to be able to understand complex problems and adapt to fast-changing conditions.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

• About Nigel (2:34)
• The roots of PDCA and empiricism (5:32)
• Understanding complexity and teamwork (6:29)
• Why organizational agility matters (9:10)
• Designing the value stream (13:40)
• How this thinking has been received at Toyota (15:22)
• Nigel’s thoughts on Amazon (19:09)
• His advice moving forward (20:28)

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