GA 286 | Lean and Robotic Process Automation with Saif Arshad

This episode features Saif Arshad. Saif works for S&P Global, and he shared how they use lean thinking to improve their processes.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Saif (2:15)
Saif’s work with S&P Global (3:19)
Lean at S&P Global (6:53)
An example of a process they improved (9:56)
About RPA or Robotic Process Automation (12:17)
How it’s transformed the way people work (16:35)
Their “lean before automation” mantra (17:31)
About process mining (20:39)
What the future looks like (22:42)
The objectives Saif stands by (28:45)

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