GA 281 | Building an Online Community of Practice with Katie Anderson and Karyn Ross

This episode features Katie Anderson and Karyn Ross. Katie and Karyn explained how they’ve developed their K2C2 initiative, which seeks to build collaborative online communities of practice.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Katie and Karyn (2:39)
How communities of practice manifested in the past (4:53)
About K2C2 (5:44)
What they’ve learned and the best practices they suggest (6:26)
How many people should connect (9:19)
Having a good format (10:15)
The length of each session (11:34)
Their curriculum (12:54)
The challenges involved (15:48)
The difference between online communities and the AME consortia (19:01)
What has surprised them (23:22)
What they’ve learned from each other (25:23)
More about their online community (28:04)
Their individual projects (31:19)

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