GA 277 | Analyzing Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model with Randy Matusky

This episode features Randy Matusky. Ron and Randy analyzed a change management model called Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model, which addresses six different factors that influence human performance.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Randy (1:52)
Randy’s background (3:24)
About Gilbert’s model (5:31)
Expectations and feedback (7:42)
Tools and resources (8:13)
Incentives (8:35)
Skills and knowledge (9:00)
Capacity or capability (9:25)
Motives (10:14)
Ron’s thoughts on this model (13:05)
The relationship between incentives and motives (14:15)
The frequency of feedback (20:35)
The dangers of rewarding firefighting (22:05)
The tools and resources Ron recommends (29:20)

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