GA 276 | Using Lean to Enrich Lives with Ben van Asselt

This episode features Ben van Asselt. Ron and Ben discussed the inspiring ways Ben and his team use lean at Lunet Zorg, an organization that provides services for people with intellectual disabilities.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quotes that inspire Ben (2:03)
Ben’s background (4:01)
About Lunet Zorg (7:36)
Ben’s role at Lunet Zorg (11:28)
An example of how they use lean (13:52)
What happened when they asked for data (16:44)
An anecdote about dining options at their facility (24:19)
Teaching lean to clients (27:07)
How lean has personally impacted Ben (28:42)
An anecdote about one of their clients (30:25)
Ben’s advice for those who work with people with disabilities (33:25)

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