GA 275 | Leading vs. Serving with Sarah Tilkens

This episode features Sarah Tilkens. A Lean Manufacturing Leader at GE Healthcare, Sarah and Ron discussed the differences between mentoring, coaching, leading, and serving.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Sarah (1:53)
Sarah’s background (2:33)
How her mentors have impacted her (5:37)
What makes a good mentor (8:06)
The subtle differences in leadership relationships (11:10)
About the lean construction movement (13:15)
Sarah’s role at GE Healthcare (15:18)
About their lean daily management system (17:27)
Finding your rhythm of leading and coaching (19:03)
Leading vs. serving others (20:49)
The importance of communicating the “Why?” (25:15)
What’s next for Sarah (27:34)
Sarah’s advice (30:31)

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