GA 270 | The Simplicity of Lean with Philip Holt

This episode features Philip Holt. Philip discussed the books he’s written, the concept of “mosquito leadership,” and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

The quote that inspires Philip (2:17)
Philip’s background (3:31)
Philip’s favorite Jon Miller story (6:18)
What Philip is up to (7:28)
About Leading with Lean (8:55)
The four different leadership styles (10:30)
The problem he was trying to solve by writing it (16:02)
About Simplicity of Lean (18:07)
The elements of changing culture (20:17)
How you know whether you’re “winning” or “losing” (23:36)
Measuring engagement (26:35)
The main takeaways from the book (28:25)

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