GA 268 | Breaking Down the Seven Wastes with Jeff Kaas

In this episode we share the audio from a course that features Jeff’s company, Kaas Tailored. Using real life examples, Jeff explains each of the seven wastes in a unique and dynamic way.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

An overview of the seven wastes (1:49)
How Jeff evaluates leaders (3:53)
The impact of anxiety on your health (4:37)
How a nine-year-old would describe a defect (5:17)
About inventory and finished goods (9:44)
Cookies and work in progress (12:36)
Processing (16:48)
Underprocessing (20:11)
Poor processing (21:49)
The waste of waiting (23:33)
The waste of motion (24:18)
The waste of transport (27:16)
The waste of overproduction (28:51)
About truth (30:56)

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