GA 267 | The Nature of Coaching with Steve Kane

This episode features our Director of Customer Success, Steve Kane. Ron and Steve talked all about Steve’s coaching journey, including using kata, the power of the right mindset, what it means to be a coach, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

Steve’s background in medical device manufacturing (3:29)
His role at Gemba Academy (4:12)
Why Steve is so passionate about coaching (7:46)
His realization about kata (10:59)
How Steve is applying what he learned from his coaching training (23:21)
The difference between a coach and a consultant (27:25)
The difference between a coach and a mentor (28:45)
Whether or not a combination of the roles is possible (31:17)
How Steve knows if he’s being successful as a coach (37:15)
Steve’s final words of wisdom (40:01)

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