GA 266 | The True Value of Cost Reduction with Amery Williams

This episode features Amery Williams. Ron and Amery discussed cost reduction and its role in continuous improvement, which can sometimes be controversial.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

Amery’s favorite quote (1:28)
How Amery got started with lean (3:12)
What Amery is up to these days (4:57)
How cost reduction makes a difference (6:01)
How Amery identifies where to cut costs (9:10)
Achieving a balance (11:05)
Quantifying the cost of poor quality (13:15)
The lean tools Amery finds helpful (16:46)
Practical tips for unearthing areas of financial waste (18:06)
About fishbone diagrams (19:41)
The value of video work instructions (21:44)

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