GA 265 | Finding Your Best Way with William Harvey

This episode features Dr. William Harvey. William and Ron discussed William’s research on Toyota Kata, including his process and what he learned from other lean thinkers.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

How William first learned about lean (3:14)
His start in the Marine Corps (4:45)
A quote from Henry David Thoreau (5:19)
How William learned to manage the process (6:06)
William’s research (8:27)
Karyn Ross’s role (9:07)
His process (11:21)
A story about Toyota Kata (12:27)
Ron’s story about sports and deliberate practice (15:47)
What William learned from Jess Orr (22:31)
What surprised William during his research (26:43)
The Implementation stage (29:51)
The Execution stage (31:31)
The Sustainment stage (32:41)
William’s current and target conditions (40:41)
His definition of success (41:31)

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