GA 264 | Repeating the Process of Learning with Dr. Jeffrey Liker

This episode features an incredible keynote by Dr. Jeffrey Liker that he gave at KataCon5. Dr. Liker shared a wealth of information regarding his background, his lean journey, and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

How Dr. Liker got to where he is today (3:53)
The reason Dr. Liker became interested in Toyota (15:03)
Why he wrote The Toyota Way (17:28)
The messages he got from Lean Thinking (19:21)
Dr. Liker’s model (21:56)
How the tools of lean affect the process (25:30)
The problem we’ve historically had with lean (26:41)
A defining moment for Dr. Liker (27:14)
What Taiichi Ohno was trying to teach (35:04)
The importance of having the right philosophy (40:13)
What kata did for Dr. Liker (42:04)
The real challenge of consulting (46:10)

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