GA 263 | Using Lean to Make Life-Changing Decisions with Tyson Ortiz

This episode features Tyson Ortiz. Tyson’s son was born with a congenital heart condition, and Tyson graciously shared how he used kata and scientific thinking as he and his wife navigated their son’s diagnosis.

In this episode you’ll learn:

A quote about the trajectory of lean that inspires Tyson (2:49)
Tyson’s background (4:01)
What Tyson is up to these days (9:18)
His son’s diagnosis (9:50)
Their decision to take charge of the situation (14:26)
The plan once they brought the baby home (18:41)
How they managed these experiments (22:34)
Their home monitoring system (25:45)
How they dealt with their son’s complications (27:19)
The highlight of Tyson’s kata application (39:37)
How he’s doing today (46:01)
Tyson’s final words of wisdom (49:12)

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