GA 261 | Building the Habit of Excellence with James Clear

This episode features James Clear. Author of the bestseller Atomic Habits, James shared a wealth of knowledge with us regarding the different kinds of habits, how they form, and how we can successfully change our behavior.

In this episode you’ll learn:

A quote about the importance of habits (3:43)
James’ background in athletics, science, business, and psychology (4:45)
Why James is passionate about identity-based habits (8:02)
How sports teaches excellence (15:55)
An exercise he does (18:03)
The four stages of habit formation (18:52)
An example (21:58)
Why he added the “Craving” stage (23:37)
The first law of behavior change, “Making It Obvious” (27:34)
About habit stacking (30:11)
The second law of behavior change, “Making It Attractive” (32:52)
The true power of dopamine (35:40)
Breaking a bad habit (39:59)
The third law of behavior change, “Making It Easy” (44:44)
Using the reverse for breaking bad habits (47:01)
The fourth law of behavior change, “Making It Satisfying” (49:12)
The social reinforcement of habits (54:36)
The downside of creating good habits (56:25)

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