GA 252 | Standard Work in the Office with Steve Ansuini

This episode features Steve Ansuini. Steve discussed his time at Toyota, including how he implemented Standard Work and Job Instruction Breakdowns in the office.

In this episode you’ll learn:

A quote that inspires Steve (1:51)
Steve’s background (2:34)
The lean presets (5:29)
Steve’s time at Toyota (9:10)
What Steve is up to these days (13:32)
Standard work for the office (14:31)
What they tried (19:57)
What problem he was trying to solve (24:53)
His goals for deploying this (26:55)
The relationship between the different documentation (30:23)
Using JR at Toyota (32:48)
How the initial pilots were received (36:14)
Some misconceptions about CI at Toyota (37:20)

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