GA 250 | Using Process Behavior Charts with Mark Graban

This episode features Mark Graban. This is Mark’s sixth episode with us, and this time he discussed his new book, Measures of Success, as well as how Process Behavior Charts can be used in different contexts. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

Mark’s background (2:51)
What a Process Behavior Chart is (5:15)
Using them as part of Lean Daily Management (8:37)
When it’s appropriate to reset your limits (13:50)
Tracking your metrics more frequently (16:27)
How process metrics work in strategy deployment (17:59)
The voice of the process versus the customer (21:54)
A3 Problem Solving (25:12)
Looking for signals (27:21)
Advice for getting started (30:41)
What Mark might write about next (38:06)

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