GA 248 | The Importance of Creativity with Karyn Ross

This episode features Karyn Ross. Ron and Karyn talked all about the power of creativity, why lean thinkers should focus on it, and how you can learn to be more creative.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Karyn’s background (3:33)
One of Karyn’s favorite quotes (4:36)
About Karyn’s new book (6:47)
Why Karyn wrote it (7:44)
The role and importance of creativity (10:05)
Learning to be more creative (16:46)
Working with others (19:55)
Coaching in the services industry (23:02)
What deliberate practice means to Karyn (25:48)
Why kindness is so important to Karyn (28:46)
Karyn’s final words of wisdom (33:36)

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