GA 245 | How to Coach Leaders to Coach Others with Jamie Parker

This episode features Jamie Parker. Ron and Jamie talked about Jamie’s career thus far, the importance of having an impact on others, and how to help leaders develop a team of problem solvers.

In this episode you’ll learn:

One of Jamie’s favorite quotes (3:07)
Jamie’s background (4:32)
Jamie’s leadership transition (6:16)
Internal coaching vs. consulting (12:06)
Jamie’s advice (13:37)
About purpose and beliefs (16:40)
When leadership doesn’t align with the workforce (17:47)
About problem solving (19:16)
The 5 Cs (21:13)
The importance of leaders being vulnerable (27:26)
The future of the lean movement (29:46)
How corporate environments will change (31:46)
What Jamie is up to (34:58)

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