GA 241 | How to Make Work More Human with Renée Smith

This episode continues our live AME San Diego series with Renée Smith of Results Washington. Ron and Renée both shared some powerful anecdotes and insights into the humanity of lean and its potential to really change lives.

In this episode you’ll learn:

A quote that inspires Renée (2:13)
Renée’s background (3:38)
What has changed (5:41)
A day in the life of Renée (8:45)
Dealing with leadership changes (10:39)
Renée’s research (12:41)
An anecdote from Ron (14:25)
What leaders can do (21:33)
Dealing with negativity (23:21)
The difference between love and friendship (25:04)
Interaction for the next generation (26:27)
Final tips (28:11)

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