GA 238 | How to Change Your Culture with Toyota Kata with Emiel van Est

This episode features Emiel van Est. Ron and Emiel discussed the vital role that culture plays in continuous improvement, and how methodologies like Toyota Kata can help sustain your success.

In this episode you’ll learn:

One of Emiel’s favorite quotes (2:00)
Emiel’s background (2:36)
How Emiel would define culture (4:03)
Why it’s so important (5:33)
His involvement with the kata movement (6:27)
How culture and kata interact (7:31)
What a CI culture looks like (11:29)
What stands out (13:06)
Elon Musk vs. a Toyota Leader (14:32)
How we can foster the culture (17:47)
How long it takes to change (22:40)
Practical tips (24:47)
Words of wisdom (25:35)

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