GA 237 | How to Incorporate and Leverage Sustainability with Brion Hurley

This episode features Brion Hurley. A Lean and Six Sigma consultant with a true passion for sustainability, Brion shared some advice on the “Triple Bottom Line,” going paperless, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

The quote that inspires Brion (2:27)
Brion’s background (3:29)
How Brion got involved in the sustainability side (4:48)
What sustainability means to Brion (7:23)
How taking care of the planet can be incorporated (12:29)
Why the term “sustainability” stuck (15:09)
Going paperless (17:18)
The “People” component of sustainability (22:05)
Where to start (26:57)
Brion’s work with Lean Portland (30:30)

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