GA 236 | How to Develop Strong Effective Leaders with Cheryl Jekiel

This episode features Cheryl Jekiel, CEO of the Lean Leadership Center. Based on her background in operations and human resources, Cheryl explained what she believes it takes to develop great lean leaders.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Cheryl’s background (1:57)
What Cheryl has been working on (2:54)
Cheryl’s approach (6:46)
What is different about it (10:52)
Ensuring training is effective (13:10)
Feedback for improvement (18:27)
Why you can’t go overboard with positive reinforcement (20:35)
Cultural differences (22:27)
How this has changed her view on lean leadership (23:50)
Where the lean movement is going (27:41)
Who Cheryl would visit if she had a time machine (29:29)

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