GA 235 | How to Embody the Spirit of Toyota with Jess Orr

This episode features Toyota employee Jess Orr. Jess reflected on her time there by sharing their “10 Attitudes” with us, which really capture the overall spirit of Toyota.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Jess’s background (2:53)
One of her favorite quotes (4:34)
How she discovered this list (5:38)
The first attitude (8:27)
The second attitude (11:20)
The third attitude (13:43)
The fourth attitude (18:35)
The fifth attitude (22:20)
Why the list uses English and Japanese terminology (25:20)
The sixth attitude (27:29)
The seventh attitude (29:52)
The eighth attitude (33:45)
The ninth attitude (38:28)
The tenth attitude (40:32)
Jess’s final words of wisdom (43:45)

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