GA 232 | How to Embrace the Higher Calling of Lean with Kevin Hancock

This episode features a moving keynote by CEO Kevin Hancock from the 2018 Lean Systems Summit. It’s impossible not to be inspired by Kevin’s refreshing take on lean and it’s true value.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Kevin’s favorite question (1:43)
The meaning and purpose of work (3:40)
About trees (5:18)
The gift Kevin’s disorder has given him (7:05)
Feeling engaged at work (11:50)
Why the customer comes second (15:07)
The importance of metrics (18:56)
A debunked myth (23:07)
The themes that separate culture (26:05)
The seven habits of leadership (27:16)
Putting the work back in its place (32:31)
What we should do with the increased capacity (33:07)

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