GA 227 | How to Leverage Lean in Banking with Danny Conroy and Daniel Lichty

This episode features Danny Conroy and Daniel Lichty. Danny and Daniel explained how they use lean in banking, specifically to improve the mortgage process.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Their backgrounds (2:20)
Their favorite quotes (3:56)
What lean in a bank looks like (5:58)
Visual Management (10:15)
An example (11:47)
When this started and why (15:24)
How many steps there are in their Value Stream Map (16:23)
Some of the benefits (22:14)
The status quo in the banking world (24:32)
Other areas of the bank using lean (26:04)
Getting others to “buy-in” to lean (27:31)
Who they would shadow (30:38)
What “Respect for People” means to them (33:09)
Advice for those new to lean (34:22)
Final words of wisdom (36:14)

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