GA 226 | How to Practice Lean in the UAE with Dan Whittaker

This episode features Dan Whittaker. Dan shared some interesting stories from his time working in Formula 1, and explained what it’s like applying lean in the United Arab Emirates.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Dan’s background (3:05)
The lean culture at Ferrari (5:45)
Witnessing the pit crew changeover (6:40)
What Dan did after Formula 1 (7:52)
About Strata (8:44)
The cultural differences (9:32)
Lean and kaizen at Strata (12:06)
How Strata uses Gemba Academy (14:23)
Overcoming resistance (16:59)
About their version of TPS, “SPS” (18:14)
Strata’s other initiatives (19:19)
Switching from a “Push” to a “Pull” system (23:59)
The benefits they’ve realized (24:57)
Advice Dan would give his younger self (27:28)
Where Dan thinks lean is going (28:38)
The area of lean Dan struggles with (29:41)
Some good advice Dan has received (32:39)
The knowledge or skill area Dan wants to improve (33:34)
Dan’s final words of wisdom (34:23)

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